Our Work

We believe no one is safe from COVID until we are all safe.

Restart Decision Tool. A data-driven model to plan for the future and anticipate resurgence

Restart Purchase. Multisectoral partnership allowing the smallest organizations to acquire PPEs to restart smoothly

Restart Adoption. An initiative to promote sustained adoption for wearing masks and practice safe distancing for everyone

Restart Community. Bringing people and communities together to share best practices

Restart Decision Tool

Restart Partners has developed a data-driven model to plan for the future and anticipate resurgence of COVID-19. The Restart Decision Tool has been developed with input from and validated by demographic data, epidemiological data, PPE estimates by city, county, state, and we’re constantly updating our data streams.

We’re collaborating with other groups around the country working on similar data models and will develop a hosted Business Intelligence Platform that takes demographic data, PPE needs, projections of epidemiological data and produces projections of PPE needs.

This open-source PPE projection data model makes it easier to understand what is happening with the pandemic in various regions and what equipment you need to protect the general population. Please contact us if you need support with estimating your PPE need.

If you lead a government agency planning for a restart, check out this webinar put together by Utah that illustrates one way in which we can help today.

Restart Purchase

  • PPE Estimations. Coming soon, this tool will be helping business owners with estimating the quantity and type of PPE they need.
  • Resources. Curated PPE sources and toolkits.
  • Purchases. A public, private, and non-profit collaboration to get the right resources to the most vulnerable in our society.

Restart Adoption

  • #WearAMask: Join us and share your most creating messaging encouraging everyone to wear masks.
  • Initiative in a Box: An effort based on science and data to convince people to adopt safe distancing best practices and war masks when in public gatherings.
  • Adoption Plans: Developing effective messaging working with behavioral science and economic experts to provide insights to develop the right messaging channels.
  • Sharing Best Practices: Developing, collating, and sharing messaging information on safe distancing Information and wearing of masks and other PPEs.