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Proposal Description:

Restart Partners is assisting the Washington State Department of Commerce’s US EDA Safe Start Project grant by providing education and practical tools in appropriate languages necessary for small to medium size businesses to open and operate in a post-COVID19 epidemic and pre-vaccine environment.


Restart Partners is seeking proposals to create a forward-looking and behavior-informed scorecard and dashboard with real time intelligence/information on population health and risk mitigation strategies. It will be used to assist community leaders and business owners in making informed decisions about COVID-19 policy options and incentives/disincentives for reopening safely. It will include understanding of effective message strategies to reach these businesses and restoring consumer confidence for resuming daily activities.  In addition to being available online, this information will be folded into the Adoption Strategy (Changing Norms) educational campaign and shared with all Safe Start project partners for dissemination to and education for their clients.


Develop a recommendation system designed for small businesses, akin to a weather forecast, using social and normative behavioral data collected in supporting surveys and experiments so that small business owners and customers can make informed decisions. This includes choices about PPE, risk mitigation strategies for employees and customers, and ways for businesses to behave and deliver messages to customers that build trust and confidence in the community.


Vendor shall provide contact name, address, phone, email and website.  Proposals need to have a timeline of specific deliverables.  Proposals need to be submitted to by COB October 29, 2020:

Linda Lake

Request for Proposal and Quote
General Terms and Condition

  1. General: It is understood that the Vendor, in submitting a Proposal, accepts the following terms and condition, and general information as part of the Proposal document.  Restart Partners reserves the right to reject any or all quotes.  Failure to sign the Proposal by a corporate officer will render this Proposal invalid.
  2. Clarification/Interpretations: Any and all questions regarding this proposal must be made in writing and addressed to the individual listed above.  Oral interpretations shall have no legal effect and will not be made to any vendor.  Any and all revision to this document shall be made only by written addendum.
  3. Invoicing: This is a performance-based project.  Invoices may only be submitted once a deliverable has been acknowledged by written confirmation from Restart Partners as complete.
  4. Award: The contract may be awarded to the lowest and responsive vendor complying with the provision of this Request for Proposal.  In addition to price, the following criteria may be considered by Restart Partners:
  5. The ability, capacity and skill of the Vendor to perform the service required;
  6. The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the Vendor;
  7. Whether the Vendor can perform the contract within the time specified;
  8. Such other information as may be secured having a bearing on the decision to award the contract.