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Sharing best practices and combining our strengths is the best way for us to work together to beat COVID-19.

We will periodically share stories and lessons learned from other members in our #RESTART Community Spotlight so that we can all benefit from their great ideas and learn from their experiences!

“We’re proud of our Utah PPE Push Pack Program that quickly delivered PPE packs to small businesses across our state using an innovative statewide distribution system. Finding strong solutions to provide PPE where it is needed is crucial in the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we are grateful to be collaborating with the State of Washington to share best practices. Working together, we will be able to solve these issues."

Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert

#RESTART Community Spotlight

State of Utah’s PPE Push Pack Program


By Michael O’Malley, Economic Development Corporation of Utah

Utah’s population is more than 3.1 million, with nearly 80 percent living in three urban metros along the base of the Wasatch Mountains (Provo-Orem to Salt Lake City to Ogden-Clearfield MSAs). Most of the state’s 29 counties are rural. The state has seen nearly 7,400 COVID-19 cases (as of May 19), and 80 fatalities. Nearly 175,000 residents have been tested.

While Utah has the most diverse state economy in the nation with strong IT, aerospace/defense, financial services, and other key industries, the state’s tourism economy is a large segment driving nearly $10 billion in revenue and employing more than 136,000 people. Small businesses in the hospitality and restaurant sectors have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

In terms of a personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage and variability in the supply chain, Utah’s experience is comparable to other states, neither worse nor better, but always a challenge.

"We got involved with Restart Partners when we heard about the model that Washington was using to project how much PPE they thought that they would need ... "

Stephanie Frohman, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Economic Development Corporation, Utah